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Good day to all

Walking across the expanses of the Internet, I came across the legend of the appearance of the Maine-Coon cat breed, which I really liked.

It is said that the origin of the coons is the fruit of the love of a raccoon with a European cat. The consequence of such love is obvious - a clear and developed hunting instinct, striped tail, rich wool.

Although of course the official version is no less interesting.

Legend has it that about 150-200 years ago, these cats first appeared on the American continent in the state of Maine. Then, the poor settlers who lived there had their usual mongrel and short-haired cats, who perfectly caught mice and did not require special care and affection from the owners. Later, more prosperous settlers arrived there brought their purebred longhair and tender paws to the cats. Thus, the kind of "poor" and "rich", the interest of farmers and natural selection, led the breed to the Maine Coon.

The farmers were satisfied that the big cats living next to them caught the rats and mice, thus themselves getting food, they did not refuse to get out of the forest. In addition, even in cold winters, thanks to their rich fur, they could survive on the street without huddling at home.

Over the years, the Maine Coon breed was represented at Madison Square Garden in New York at the premiere exhibition, where it was recognized as national pride.

In translation, the name Maine-coon from English consists of the words: “Maine” is the name of the American state of Maine, from where this breed came out, and “kun”, the derivative word “raccoon” is raccoon. Therefore, these cats are called raccoon cats.

In general, it is not about the history of the breed I wanted to tell you, but about their love. We live together with my Bucks and he, like a true gentleman-man, took care of me 😂 You will come home tired, and he already meets at the door. And if it happens to get sick, then he is always there, purring and somehow easier at once. He likes to run around the apartment, at the same time "like what you sit, let's run together"))). Even now, I am typing a publication, and he sprawled next to the table.

In February of this year, we had a fire in our house. When everything was burning in the stairwell, I was worried about the only thing where my Bucks was. I could not find him at all, the firemen shout “go out,” and I “will not go without a cat.” But eventually they brought out. After returning 20 minutes to the apartment, I crawled in tears and looked for Bucks. The thought of what happened to him was unbearable.

And lo and behold, we found it. Alive! Imagine how smart a breed is, it is in the bedroom, behind the door, it has been hammered into a corner by a muzzle in the closet and was unscathed, i.e. found the safest place. Stress, of course, was not only me, but also a cat. But this case has brought us so close together that probably we are mutually afraid of losing each other !!! Very clever and devoted breed !!!! And my Basya is a miracle !!!!

This is an automatic translation.
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