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Even the most non-superstitious person knows a couple will accept in which he himself does not believe.

For example, almost everyone knows about the consequences of spilled salt, a woman with a bucket going to a meeting and a black cat crossing the road.

Gradually, all superstitions are forgotten, it is very rare to find a person who unconditionally believes in omens. This is understandable. Where, for example, in a modern city can you meet a woman with a bucket? In my opinion, so lucky can not often.

When I was pregnant and took the kitten home, my grandmother was very unhappy. She told me that there is such a sign: if a pregnant woman has a pet, the child will be born hairy all over her body.

And there is also a superstition that if a pregnant woman cat scratches the belly, the child can be born with scratches all over the body. This can be one or several scratches.

I do not believe in all this. And my cat stayed with me.

Immediately make a reservation, the risk for pregnant women who are in contact with pets really is, but it is not at all that the child will be born hairy or scratched, but that during pregnancy a woman can get sick with toxoplasmosis. But now is not about that.

In fact, it will take a lot of superstitions about cats and cats. Most of them are positive, promising good luck. Of course, there are signs and not with the most joyful prospects.

Especially got black cats. Since ancient times, cats were considered magical animals with otherworldly strength, a link between the world of the living and the dead. And the owner of a black cat was automatically attributed to witches or sorcerers.

1. The black cat ran across the road - to trouble, misfortune. Until now, many people change their route if a black cat crosses their path. Although many people understand that the animal just goes about its business. Well, in fact, there is nothing for the cat to do, except for crossing every road for every loser!

2. Tricolor cat brings good luck. Tricolor cat brings good luck and prosperity to the house. These unusual cats in the opinion of many are the most "successful." It is believed that if you ensure a good life for your tricolor cat, then she, in turn, will take care of her master's happy life and attract good luck to the house.

As for me, there is no difference in the color of cats. The main thing is that the owner and the animal loved and trusted each other.

3. During the housewarming party, a cat is allowed to enter the new house. This custom is related to the mystical nature of the cat. It is believed that she drives away all evil spirits, by her appearance in the house and makes it clear to evil spirits that this territory is now under her supervision. In my opinion, this is really just a superstition, but when I change my place of residence, the cat will definitely go in there first.

4. To shelter a homeless kitten - to attract good luck. In my opinion, everything is logical here: if you take an animal into the house because you feel sorry for him, then you are kind, sympathetic, not indifferent to the misfortune of another person. Good always triumphs over evil, which means that a good person should be fine. And even if you feed the animal, you should be lucky too.

If you picked up the animal on the street and at home scoff at him, then you can not even dream of any luck. In this case, omen will definitely not work.

5. If the cat falls on the sore spot means, it treats its owner. I don’t know how about “falls on a sore point”, but there’s definitely a benefit from communicating with animals. There is even such a thing - felinotherapy.

Felinotherapy (lat. Felis - cat) is a method of prevention and treatment of various diseases through contact with cats. Cats help people suffering from mental illness, heart disorders, brain damage, and even contribute to the complete healing of alcohol and drug addicts. People with mental disorders perceive the presence of a cat without the slightest irritation.

Communication with cats is indicated for depression, neurosis, schizophrenia. The cat, in fact, does not do anything unusual, it just fawns on the patient, licks his hands, his face. Her warm, soothing rumbling allows the patient to relax.

A cat's purr helps heal wounds and strengthen bones, scientists from the Animal Carriage Institute in North Carolina, who study the sounds of the cat family, came to this conclusion.

Each person chooses what signs to believe him and which ones do not, and whether to believe in them at all. My opinion: you should not shift responsibility for your life to others, especially horoscopes and signs. But you shouldn't completely ignore them either. You never know ...

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