About project Vetworld

Specialized social network Vetworld provides everyone, whose activities are related to pets, a wide range of functionalities both in the professional field and in solving routine problems.

Our network can help you find professionals, contact them for assistance, share experiences with colleagues, discuss any issues related to your pet, as well as promote your products or services.

We hope that our network will serve for veterinarians and business owners as a powerful working tool and a source of professional growth, whereas all pet owners will find unique opportunities for their pets.

Opportunities of an individual user of project Vetworld depend on his occupational field, actual professional skills, personal interests and observance of simple rules established in our network.

All basic options and tools of our network and delivered free of charge whereas additional premium opportunities for promotion of your products and services (your content) are provided for a fee according to established rates.

Each user of our network, acting for his own purposes, decides on the use of any options, tools and services. Using paid features is not a prerequisite.

We believe in that, each user offering their products and services as well as making payments for products and services of other participants of the project Vetworld will be acting in their own interests reasonably and in good faith fully observing morality and legislation.

The administration of the network does not interfere in interuser relationships while being entitled at any moment to restrict access to the network for users who violate the established standards of decency and rules.

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