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Paid services

The cost of paid services is indicated directly on the order page of each specific service. No interest on the money made by the user is not charged.

All payments are irrevocable - it is impossible to cancel a completed payment.

Payment for any service means complete and unconditional acceptance of all conditions, including the size of the fees charged.

All paid services provided to users of our social network are provided automatically, immediately at the time of payment, and are considered to be rendered in full and with proper quality. Refusal to use already rendered services is impossible.

In the case of voluntary termination of the use of the site by the user or blocking of the user by the Administration, funds paid for services provided by our social network are not refunded.

Our paid services

The rise of publication - 0.91 EUR
Promote within 24 hours - 2.72 EUR
Promote within 7 days - 9.08 EUR
Promote within 30 days - 34.50 EUR
Promote within 90 days - 90.78 EUR
Promote within 180 days - 172.48 EUR
Promote within 365 days - 317.72 EUR

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