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Advantages of ZOOTAXI in carriage of animals across Russia.

Domestic animal transportation services, as well as animal transportation services in the city, are publicly available.
The cost of transporting animals is comparable to the average market price for ordinary taxi services, but the specifics of ZOOTAXI are different and require more costs, especially for the return trip, sanitization of the cargo compartment and depreciation of the vehicle. Our website contains prices and tariffs, which, in the case of a long trip of more than 1000 km, are individually calculated in view of various features, which are agreed upon with the contacting customer.

The safe transportation of animals is ensured by the vehicle’s standard systems, driver experience, communication skills with animals, by prior agreement, an accompanying veterinarian, a first-aid kit in the car with everything necessary for first aid, a veterinary kit, fire extinguishing equipment - a fire extinguisher, various tools for timely minor repairs . All of the above, together, is an indicator of the proposed level of security of the animal transportation service. In order to eliminate disagreements and unambiguity of actions, ZOOTAXI staff conducts video recording of the road situation, video recording of the compartment with the animal, video recording of the driver’s actions - this control does not allow distorting what is happening. At the request of the customer, the driver can send a photo, video report from a personal phone about the condition and mood of the animal, as well as the location of the vehicle.
A modern animal transportation service includes additional services for filling out documents with a veterinarian, preparing animals for transportation, various daily routines at the time of transportation, including walking, feeding, giving medicines and other individual wishes of the pet owner. The concept of service also includes qualified personnel with the ability to communicate with animals, preliminary study of the route with the identification of all veterinary clinics, in case of emergency situations. The service also includes the concept of escort, which implies that the owner of the animal is traveling with the pet and controls the entire transportation process, independently monitors the pet and is responsible for its condition, while the vehicle with the crew - the driver is at its disposal, the climate is independently regulated ( stove or air conditioning), lights in the compartment with the animal, entertainment (animals can turn on the TV or music). If the escort service is not available - unaccompanied, then there are requirements for a muzzle, a cage, other measures for the safety of the driver, the responsibility of the driver increases.

To order ZOOTAXI it is enough to contact by phone: +79182422005 or fill out an application on the website: https://zoo.taxi/ You can also contact the group: https://vk.com/zootrucking or https://ok.ru/zoo .taxi
We will advise you and select the best route, please contact.

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