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Collaboration with animal transportation service.

Transportation of animals begins with the acquisition of babies, puppies, kittens, and other pets, cute and tiny, require special care and attention.

At the beginning of life, pets often need to be shown to the Veterinarian, periodically receive vaccinations, weigh, monitor development, discuss food, monitor hair and use various protective medicines for fleas, ticks, worms and other parasites. Moreover, depending on the animal, its breed and complexion, the growing pet needs attention in development, walking, training for the regimen and daily routine, training with dog handlers or independent training for teams, attending training sessions, mating trips and other vital animal needs.

ZOOTAXI is a direct carrier directly involved in the life of pets. With the help of animal transportation many problems are solved, we try every day and our services are in demand at various clinics, because the Veterinarian’s home visit is a surface examination, in case you need surgical treatment or surgery and other measures that cannot be performed in the domestic environment, the animal must be delivered to the clinic.

Frequent is the appeal about moving and the direct transportation of animals, usually when changing housing, the owners do not have enough space and they worry about the pet using ordinary freight transport - so that it has enough space, it is not forced by furniture, there was no stress, fright, someone watched after him during the movement, and so on. In addition, freight carriers usually do not favor animals and their transport is not adapted for transportation. For example, the most common misconception is the transportation of an animal, sitting it on a cold metal floor, even if you throw it a bed, the animal in most cases gets sick, due to the temperature difference and the constant sticking of iron.

Our regular customers are zoo shops where you can usually buy animals, shelters, breeders, and other places of purchase. In most cases, at the time of purchase of animals various accessories are also purchased (cages, booths, houses, claw points, aviaries, leashes, bags of food, etc.) At this point, it turns out that calling ZOOTAXI is more profitable than distracting while driving, as well as various specific smells and sizes of accessories do not always allow you to fit everything in a passenger car. Yes, and a pet can stain the interior of the car, which is also not pleasant and as a result will require dry cleaning or a minimum of car washing - which will ultimately exceed our services at a cost.

Within the city of Krasnodar, we make trips at a rate of 500 rubles for the first 30 minutes (which includes a car and a trip), and then an hourly rate of 500 rubles per hour with rounding up to half an hour in a big way. When traveling outside the city, to the suburbs, a mileage of 30 rubles per km of track is taken into account.

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