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Secure transactions service.

The Guarantor will help you to formalize business relations and make payments. Anything you need:
Fill out the transaction form (Contract). Be sure to specify all the necessary conditions! This will help in case of disputes with the involvement of our arbitrator.
Send a link to the transaction to your business partner (or the Contractor). Ask him to read the terms and accept them.
Upon completion of the works, the Client marks the transaction as "work completed". After that, the service charges a commission and transfers the deposit to the Contractor.
In the event of disputes, our Arbitrator will help resolve them.

Contract №1596993201 The transaction form Date: 2020-08-09 20:13 (GMT+3)

The Customer instructs, and the Contractor undertakes the following works or services:
* It is necessary to detail all the terms of the contract! (list of works, acceptance procedure, deadline)
Cost of works / services:

Including commission: (5%, but not less than 1000 WMC)

Additional conditions

1. In order to protect against changes in exchange rates of world currencies, the cost will be converted to WMC (1 WMC = is 1 US cent). In the case of a sharp change in the rate of currency of payment, we reserves the right to pay at the rate at the time of signing the contract or it completed. Thus, the value of the contract is fixed in two currencies.
2. Change of the contract text after signing by one of the parties is not allowed.
3. The customer is obliged to pay the contract within 24 hours from the moment of its signing.
4. Transfer of funds to the Contractor is made within 24 business hours after the Client marks the transaction as "work completed".
5. In case of disputes, the Parties have the right to attract the Arbitrator of the system. The cost of the services of an Arbitrator - 1000 WMC (= 10 US dollars). The services of an arbitrator are always paid by the Contractor. Therefore, we recommend to include the cost of the Arbitrator's services in the cost of the contract. The parties agree that the decision of the Arbitrator is decisive.
6. Our commission is 5%, but not less than 1000 WMC (or 10 USD). The commission is charged before the payment of the funds to the contractor. Commission of payment systems are paid by the parties.
7. In the case of personal support of the transaction with the invitation of our manager, our commission will be 10%. Personal support will shorten the terms of payments and complete the transaction more quickly.
8. In the event of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract, the funds are returned to the client in full, minus the commission of the payment system.


9. Until the moment of signing the contract by both parties, it will be available to all through a special link, which you will receive after saving.
10. After signing the contract, it will be available only to the signatories.


Before signing the contract, it must be saved.

After saving the contract you will receive a link for editing, signing and payment.