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Our foundation "Little friends with a big heart" in the city of Yoshkar-Ola was created so that we TOGETHER could help those animals that need a loving owner, home, love and care.

Our goal is a humane solution to the problem of stray animals.
We help: treat, sterilize animals and find a home for them; we are holding campaigns urging people to understand that it is only in our power to change the situation with homeless animals for the better.

People made them homeless, you and I have the power to give them a home.


1. Everything we do, we do in our own time and on our own initiative.
2. We do not promote any particular shelter or veterinary clinic.
3. We are not veterinarians, not catchers, not flayers.
4. We do not have special means for catching dogs, cats, birds, etc.
5. We have no vehicles equipped for transporting animals.
6. If you find an animal, it is important that you participate in the capture process and device. This is necessary so that no further misunderstandings arise.
7. Priorities are dogs, cats, which are HAZARDOUS, SICK, Wounded, NEWBORN.
8. We work on donations from people who are not indifferent to animals and with personal funds. In this regard, our capabilities are still very limited, we can not save everyone.

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Contact Information:

Address: 424000, Russian Federation, Yoshkar-Ola

Site URL: http://bezdomnye-zhivotnye.ru/aboutus

Email: super.malenkie-fond@yandex.ru

Social networks:



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