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Hello! Let's get acquainted!

We are officially registered, non-profit organization.
We have no shelters and no shelters in our city that we could recommend as reliable.
Therefore, it will not be possible to give the found homeless animal so that someone can save it.

We do not have a clinic. We cooperate with several clinics of the city and for more than one year. We can recommend them as those in which they help and with high quality.
Animal treatment is very expensive, and since we are not a commercial organization, we don’t have any income, we write fees for treatment.

We have one overexposure for cats. It contains vaccinated cats, ready to move into new homes. At this overexposure we clean ourselves, we have no staff.
We are ordinary people with families and jobs. After work, taking time from the family, we go to overexposure to cats, we clean, we feed. If we, ordinary people, do not do this, the cats will remain hungry.

We keep dogs on private shakes, in which several places are allocated for our animals. For each dog we pay monthly.
In order to pay for the overexposure, we write fees. There is no shelter, nowhere to take. And in order for a place to appear, it is necessary to attach a dog that occupies this place.
We pay for treatment in clinics, sterilization from donations collected.
Feed, processing facilities, consumables, we pay from donations collected.
Overexposure we pay from collected donations.
We have no support from the state. All work is done on the donations of citizens.
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We would gladly take away all the animals that we meet on the way, but it is not in our power. Perhaps this is only the power of the Lord God. And how can you still help a homeless animal?
We have a small instruction: https://vk.com/page-16896741_44112446

We do a little bit, but we do it because we understand that if not us, then who? But please, understand, we do this voluntarily, and not because we owe something to someone.

Therefore, we always need help. Hands on overexposure. Transport - transportation of animals. Finance. Overexposure. Feed, consumables.

Let's work together! Because then we can do more!

This is an automatic translation.
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