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New collection for vaccines.
We have 35 puppies now. All of them need to be vaccinated and twice. Everyone who was engaged in puppies, understand that vaccination is a necessity. When an epidemic begins, everyone can die. And this was not the time when litters of puppies died out. We had such a sad experience in the first years of work. Children die from enteritis very painfully.

We ordered 50 vaccines and 50 solvents.
At the same price vaccine will be released - 11,362.00 rubles. solvent - 2647.76 rubles. For the vaccine will have to pay 14009.62
The amount is large, but believe me, it is much more expensive to treat enteritis. This amount is not enough for one baby, and if all ...

With our debts, taking so many puppies is crazy. But you would know how many people we are asked to pick up ...
We hope that this collection will not be ignored.
Because we have nothing to pay for vaccines.
Our details are marked "For vaccines".
Hungry Phone 89278850642
CARD OF Sberbank 4276 3700 1272 7323 Anna M. Rafisovna
Yandex Wallet. № 410013776014955
Yak calling card https://money.yandex.ru/to/410013776014955
Qiwi Wallet 89278850642
Unistream wallet 12346О32О356
Settlement account No. 40703810629070000065 in the NIZHEGORODSKY BRANCH of ALFA-BANK JSC TIN 7728168971 OGRN 1027700067328 BIK 042202824 Corr. Account: 30101810200000000824 to VOLGO-VYATSKIY GU BANK OF RUSSIA

We are looking for suppliers of veterinary products at mutually beneficial prices, or on a charitable basis. +7 987 726 04 51 Julia

This is an automatic translation.
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