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Pre-New Year's fee for food!
According to our tradition, we collect for the purchase of food in December and January.
So as not to distract anyone with these problems during the holidays. Last year, New Year's food was eaten in February.
We collect 34125,16 rub.
Collected 10507.40 rub.
Collection on the purchase of 110 kg of cat food and 54 kg for dogs. In total - 36925.16 rubles.
Food brought, two days left to collect the full amount! if we do not pay, we will be left without available feed.

In our care more than 60 cats. They were all taken from the streets. all without their homes yet, they live on perederzhkakh and wait for them to adopt. In the meantime, with your help, we keep them, feed them, treat them.

Once a month, we come to you, practically with an outstretched hand, with a request to apply for food. Here is the time of the December collection.
We need to feed our wards every day. And without you, we cannot collect such a sum.

So, we have a fee for the purchase of 164 kg of feed, for animals, in the care of the fund. Today, the amount of 23,617.76 rubles.!
Our details: https://vk.com/page-16896741_44143167 marked "To feed"

Hungry phone 89278850642
CARD OF SBERBANK 4276 3700 1272 7323 Anna M. Rafisovna
Yandex Wallet. № 410013776014955
Yak calling card https://money.yandex.ru/to/410013776014955
Qiwi Wallet 89278850642
Unistream wallet 12346О32О356
Settlement account No. 40703810629070000065 in the NIZHEGORODSKY BRANCH JSC ALFA-BANK Account: 30101810200000000824 to VOLGO-VYATSKIY GU BANK of RUSSIA

Big collection, but very little time. And we will be grateful for any help!

This is an automatic translation.
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