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Animals come to us in a different way. Not the safest injury. And this baby chose him. It did not work # shchen_Fanta_MD from # amicable_fively kopopast on overexposure, it turned out to get under the car.
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We got a call with the words - "Puppy shot down." Next was the search for the car, negotiations with the clinic, a loan in which we are already closed and where there are no places. Two hours of time spent on the organization of salvation. And the little girl at that time suffered and waited ...

Have you ever cut the skin off your fingers? Ok so, before the meat, with a lot of blood, with a terrible wound? Do you remember the pain? How it hurts! It is a small wound, and it hurts as if the whole skin had been pulled from the arm alive! And she pulled. There is no skin on her tail. They took off like a stocking. We saw it only in the clinic. For the time being, they could not understand where the blood was dripping from.
Tail under amputation. Hind paw injured. The fingers are broken, but we will not operate the paw. We will process. More antibiotics will be prescribed. The list must be said later.

This is a girl. Her name is Fanta. She is about 6 months old and weighs 18 kg. She is very persistent baby. Not crying, not snapping and enduring all the way in silence. On the table, too, behaved decently. It is sterilized and vaccinated.
We asked for a week of the hospital, it would be better for her, there will be a removal of stitches, paw treatments. We persuaded to take it and overdo it for a week, but on the condition that we bring an advance tomorrow, the debt in the clinic is more than 100 thousand.

The amount for tail amputation, sterilization, vaccination, postoperative hospital, hospital for treatment, approximately 15,000 rubles.
This amount we have to carry tomorrow.

GT - 89278850642
SB - 4276-3700-1272-7323
or details: https://vk.com/page-16896741_44143167
marked for fanta

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This is an automatic translation.
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