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This is not just a piece of land, it is an island of salvation for the Foundation's clients, who already live on its balance sheet. This is an opportunity to bring to the proper look and tranquility of abandoned companion animals who are asking for help at the moment.
They cannot survive without our help.
"Irina Bezdenezhnykh
We need this land like air. That is only 1.07 tomorrow (((1000 per gm. "
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"Little friends with a big heart" Mr. Y-Ola (14+)
today at 10:38
Well, we have grown to acquire land for the placement of animals that are under the care of the Foundation.
Collection started.
Part of the amount we have. It remains to collect not reaching. Daria Makarova helps us with this. And we dare to hope that you will not leave us without support! Please max repost!
Friends, I have great news !!! Finally, the animal help fund found the land! @fond_malenkie_druzia_yola YES AND ALMOST THE WHOLE HECTAR! .
This land is suitable for the fund in all respects! And there is still a lot of work - the fence, aviaries, etc ....
But now the most important thing is to have time to buy this land !!! She was held until the next Monday! Until 01.07! .
And it remains to collect only 150t !!! .

150t !!!!! For so many people that will read this post, this is absolutely a reasonable amount !!!! I BEG YOU!!! I EVEN BREACH !! Find a few free thousands on your map, but even at least $ 100. But just do not forget! Transfer them to the details before the sun! .
After all, if the fund for so many years of senseless knocking on the door of officials, for the first time will finally have its own land, this will be the first step towards creating a real, good, full-fledged animal shelter !!! .
You are welcome! I beg you not to ignore, but to really do a good deed and help !!!

Sberbank card.
4276 3700 1272 7323 Anna M. Rafisovna
Hungry Phone - 89278850642 MEGAFON
Yandex Wallet. № 410013776014955
Qiwi wallet 89278850642.
Unistream wallet. 12346О32О356.

AND FINALLY I ASK FOR A MAXIMUM REPOT! "Little friends with a big heart"

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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