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At present, each more or less large company has a lawyer in its staff, or even a whole legal department. Drawing up and agreeing on the terms of contracts, representing the interests of the company in all controlling and supervisory bodies, as well as protecting against unfair competitors and counterparties - all this falls on the shoulders of the company's lawyers.

But lawyers are people too. They go on vacation and on sick leave. At this time, your company is left without legal support, which can often end in big trouble for the company.

In addition, sometimes there are unforeseen situations that a full-time lawyer has never encountered and simply does not know how to behave, what to say and in general “where to run.” After all, we all understand that there are no universal specialists who know absolutely everything.

The Citadel Bar Association offers corporate clients - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs a comprehensive solution to most problems that any company and its officials may face in their daily activities - permanent legal services on the basis of a subscription agreement.

The difference between the lawyers of our college and a full-time lawyer:

  • we do not go on sick leave and on vacation - we can always replace a temporarily absent employee with another lawyer;
  • we do not need a separate workplace - we have our own office, equipped with everything necessary;
  • we do not need to pay any taxes and fees;
  • in case of termination of the contractual relationship, the board does not need to pay any termination benefits;
  • and most importantly, we have specialists of different specializations, so we can help in case of any problem.

When concluding a contract, you get specialists in various branches of law who have experience in solving difficult problems and are able to calculate all the possible consequences a few steps ahead.

We provide legal and extrajudicial representation of serviced companies at all levels and on the widest range of issues both in the Kemerovo region and in other regions.

Thanks to contacts with colleagues from the Pravorub professional community, we can organize representation of the interests of our clients in almost any region of our country and even abroad.

Becoming our client, you will receive the optimal solution to your own problems and solve many problems of your company and gain confidence in the legal security of your business.

All terms and conditions of subscriber services for your company are discussed and agreed individually, depending on your needs and current tasks, are recorded in the subscription contract, and expenses can be deductible when calculating the tax base * of your company.

Do not postpone your decision indefinitely - call +7 (3842) 316825, or send an e-mail to: kemerovo-lawyers@mail.ru

Grow your business, and we will take care of your peace of mind!

* in accordance with Art. 11 of the Tax Code, lawyers are not entrepreneurs, as a result of which advocacy is not subject to VAT.

This is an automatic translation.
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