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Hello! My name is Mom.

When they called me differently, I do not remember how. I had a master. And then my kids were born. 8 little puppies ... I was so glad to them. I, but not my master. They put me and the kids in a big box and pounded it with a lid. And drove off somewhere. I was scared. What will happen to my children? How do we get out? How to survive without a master? ...

And then some people opened the box. They were kind, warm, they smelled of dogs and porridge. They brought me to the big gate and said: "Welcome to Ilyinka."

Me with the kids settled in the aviary. They gave me the name Mom. I like. My kids also got names. I did not understand what these names mean, but I knew that bad would not happen now.

So we stayed in Ilyinka. We have been here for 8 winters. There are few people here. But they do something all the time. I'm watching. How to clean, how to distribute porridge, hosed in the heat. And if sick, carry in the house and treat.

Sometimes they brush me and kiss my nose. Very rarely. The owner kissed so. And walk. As before, I am calm and well here. For some reason I know - they won't put me in the box anymore.

And my kids grew up. Someone took the new parents, but I do not grieve. With the master well, as long as he loves. And when he doesn't love, there will always be people who smell like dogs and cereal.

I believe in it.

This is an automatic translation.
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