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Special Dogs with a special fate live in the shelter of Ilyinka and are looking for a special Person.
These are dogs with a story .
Which one Their story is in their eyes. But not for everyone, but for those who want and will not be afraid to look.
Dogs - wrestlers ! - They won the pain, hardship and cruelty.
Dogs - amulets! - They absorbed the faith and mercy of people who treated, cared for and did not sleep at night.
Together with a worthy owner, these dogs will be the promise to the whole world: "look, we are strong and smile at you, so ordinary."
All wrestlers are clinically healthy, microchipped, vaccinated, socialized, accustomed to a leash, living an absolutely full life.
Come to meet and face off in the days of walking, announced on the wall of the group "in contact".
And if you suddenly believe that this is your dog, call
8-931-257-40-30 Alena (head of the shelter)

Matryona - Ulybaka-Hobnika-Tselovak's dog !!! Affectionate, kind, contact girl. The character is more than perfect! Absolutely social to people, children and other dogs! She loves movement, walks very much and does not even think to be sad that she has only 3 legs. She doesn't even know about it!
Year of birth - 2010, quite large - about 60 cm at the withers.

Phil is a very kind and gentle dog. Born in 2015, but he is an absolute puppy - active, curious, spontaneous.
This dog conquers its friendliness to all, whether it is a small child, an adult or another animal. The boy had already experienced pain, Filusha was found with his head literally torn off, now everything is behind and the boy has his own zest: he keeps his head a little to one side, but this doesn’t interfere at all and does not cause any pain.
Now he is completely healthy, walks well on a leash, about 50 cm at the withers.
Come to get acquainted, you will not be able to tear yourself away from it, these kind brown eyes conquer from the first minute!

Tom Ant (55cm at the withers) is a very friendly guy. Glad to all without exception. Kind, affectionate, smiling. He lost his paw just recently, but has already adapted to move on three!

Boria is a gentle and touching boy. Kind, contact, not intrusive. Very small - about 45 cm at the withers. He has only 3 legs, but he feels like a normal full-fledged dog, does not need special care, walks well on a leash, likes to swim. Not aggressive.

Sania is very affectionate and quiet, calm and grateful. Sanya was hit by a car and was found only in two weeks. Paw was no longer save ... So he became a three-legged pupil.
But he is not discouraged, loves to walk, talk, knows the leash, gets along well with cats and dogs.

This is an automatic translation.
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