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Chubais came to our shelter at the end of August 2013. She was found by a friend of the shelter Anastasia Shalyapina. Volunteers brought him from Novo Toksovo. Old life battered dog. All dogs with festering wounds, toothless, with eyesore and moldy armpits ...
He was immediately taken to the Gorvestantsiya, passed a detailed analysis of biochemistry and blood clinics, put dirofilariasis, general exhaustion, approximately determined the age - 8 years. They doubted that they would survive, but they began treatment.
At the shelter, Alyona treated him all the wounds of different caliber and time of application, put the dropper. Of course, the old man washed and fed.
And here is an ordinary miracle !!!

Within a few days, the exhausted body of Chubais responded to the love and care that surrounded him. Chubais changed his mind about dying and quickly went on the mend.

With such a reddish, charismatic, handsome man in the prime of his life, he met the guests of the orphanage already in half a year.
Chubais's fighting character. He immediately took a leading position in the territory of the shelter and jealously guarded his territory, not letting the younger and brazen fellowmen descend.

Handsome immediately got a fan among the volunteers Iren A-Te. And they began to spend the weekend together on the shores of Luby, which flowed by the walls of the shelter.
Of course, age made itself felt. Periodically exacerbations of chronic diseases occurred. Chubais, like all our pets, visited A.Fillmore's clinic, where he was prescribed supportive drugs and treatment.

In 2018, Chubais discovered a tumor on his side. Doctors observed and treated the sore for some time, but in September they decided to have an operation. All the volunteers were very worried about the handsome redhead. All the same age, anesthesia ....
But Chubais had an excellent surgery.

Chubais in the clinic, awaiting surgery on September 26, 2018.

And here in the yard in 2019. And our hero since 14 years !!! Now he lives in the house, as well as all our old men. He eats specialized food, taking into account age and state of health. His walk has become less frequent, but it still happens when his beloved Irene arrives.
Now Chubais is looking forward to spring, when walks will be more often and again it will be possible to freely hang in the grass, not being afraid to chill old bones.

This is the most common story for our shelter. We have many such heroes. Most of our pets are elderly dogs, betrayed by their owners for various reasons. Someone stopped serving, someone, due to his age, began to get sick and give inconvenience, and someone just got tired of it. And with your help we are trying to rewrite these inhuman and shameful stories, giving our deserved friends a chance for a decent old age and care.

Thank you for helping us with this.

If you want to support our shelter and its 300 pets, you can transfer any amount to the shelter details or join our official project on the platform PLANETA.RU
The shelter exists solely on donations and at the expense of volunteer resources.

This is an automatic translation.
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