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Not so long ago, we received an unusual patient - Pup.

His fate is very hard. Due to his injuries, he could not move freely and almost froze on the Leninsk-Kuznetsky - Kemerovo highway. Saving his own life, the young fox decided on a desperate step - to go out to the people. Apparently he understood that he had nothing to lose, and maybe even then he simply did not have the strength to go into the forest.

But the little fox was lucky, he was noticed by kind, sympathetic people who picked up the redheaded defenseless hero of fairy tales and brought him to his home. Already at home, it became clear that the Savior had very serious injuries.

The rescuers, and now the Owners, turned to one of the clinics in the city, where he underwent a surgical treatment, recorded a fracture and was treated for parasites (treated for worms). Next rescued redirected to us.

At the first admission, we conducted a full examination: we did biochemistry, complete blood count and tests for viral infections, as well as X-ray diagnostics.

As a result, a diagnosis was made: fractures of the pelvic bones, fracture of the tibia, fracture of the femoral neck.

The fox requires an operation and it will not be easy. Preparation for surgical treatment took two days!

And then came the day X, we are ready for surgery. During the operation, we decided to do something that nobody in Kemerovo had done before: a blockable plate for tighter fracture stability in the fracture zone, added an auto-implant , performed resection arthroplasty of the femoral heads.

The operation was successful. Little fox transferred it well and after a couple of hours was active, sociable, demanded attention and caresses.

Forgot to tell you, Fox is the most talkative patient of our clinic, and also a grateful and gentle !!! So, yesterday, January 17, 2019, we (Pup with the doctor) tried to take the first steps.

He is clever! He is a fighter! He does it all. Only time, patience and friendly support are what we need with him now.

This fox is going to go to us.



And, of course, photos of our patient:

This is an automatic translation.
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