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Intramedullary blocked osteosynthesis in humanitarian medicine has long been the gold standard for the treatment of fractures of tubular bones, since this technique allows the operation to be performed in a closed, minimally invasive manner.

After just a few days after such an operation, the animal will be able to almost fully use the limb. Today it has become possible in veterinary medicine, thanks to the development of our Kurgan colleagues from the Institute of Illizarov. Under the guidance of the candidate of veterinary sciences doctor Yemanov A.A. A BIOS system was developed to treat tubular bone fractures in dogs and cats.

On February 9, in our clinic, Dr. Emanov Andrey Alexandrovich will hold a master class in which veterinarians will gain practical skills in using blocked osteosynthesis (BIOS) for the treatment of humeral, femoral and tibial fractures in dogs and cats.

The program of the event:

9.00-10.00 Registration of participants

10.00-11.30 “Technique of using BIOS for fractures of tubular bones”, lecture material

11.30-12.00 Coffee break

12.00-13.30 “Fracture of the femur”, practice

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00 "Fracture of the tibia", practice

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-18.00 “Fracture of the humerus”, practice

Speaker: Andrey Emanov

Candidate of Veterinary Science, Senior Researcher at the Russian Scientific Center for Reconstructive Traumatology and Orthopedics named after. Academician G.A. Ilizarov

From 2001 to the present, she has been working at the Ilizarov Center, the veterinary clinic EndovetM, Kurgan.

In 2008, at St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, he defended his thesis "Treatment of forearm bone fractures using the method of transosseous osteosynthesis".

In 2011, on the basis of the Veterinary School of the University of Liverpool (England), he was trained in endoprosthetics of large joints.

He spoke at national and international conferences. Author of more than 100 scientific publications, 9 patents for inventions of utility models (including the set for the BIOS).

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Treatment of tubular bone fractures by blocking intramedullary osteosynthesis in dogs and cats

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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